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Classic Lingerie for Her

Favorite sexy lingerie always serves a variety of purposes. There’s lots of pretty, ruffled filled, pieces of sexy lingerie you can buy. The problem is that if you go to department stores, or to the mall, you will end up seriously overpaying for whatever you buy; not just by a few dollars, by a lot. And what are you paying for exactly? Certainly not for the product, you’re paying for the brand. This is fine if you’ve got loads of money to spend and don’t care but this doesn’t apply to most people.

Buying sexy lingerie can be tricky; some of it looks so complex you think you need an instructional manual; so not easy assembly. For someone who is not used to wearing sexy lingerie, one of the best tips they can follow when purchasing some is to keep it simple, classic, and comfortable.

One of the best sexy lingerie companies out there is Leg Avenue. If you’re a woman and have ever purchased a Halloween costume, you are probably familiar with them and now that their prices are more affordable. They also make sexy lingerie; the Sheer Leopard Print Chemise is a great piece of sexy lingerie for any woman to own. Here is why:

Sexy lingerie needs to serve a few purposes. The design has to be sexy, yes, but it also needs to be comfortable and versatile. Lots of sexy lingerie has ruffles and too much lace; this is very pretty but when you wear it under your clothes it sticks out and is a definite fashion faux-pas. The Sheer Leopard Print Chemise has a low neckline, and is only trimmed with lace. This is perfect because it won’t stand out under your clothes. It’s sheer and smooth and will work under any sexy little number you plan on wearing out.

Beyond going well with your normal clothing, sexy lingerie also needs to fit you properly. The great thing about the Sheer Leopard Print Chemise from Leg Avenue is the fact that it is very flattering for any body type. What you don’t like on your body, it will minimize it and cover it up. The print is not too extravagant, but just enough so that it will distract from anything you might not like about your body. A lot of sexy lingerie has too much going on, it’s too busy, and as a result it ends up making you look worse instead of making you look better.

The Sheer Leopard Print Chemise is a classic piece of sexy lingerie; something every woman needs to own or look to own. It’s a basic piece of wardrobe, really, and should go right underneath your little black dress (or LBD as many call it). Finally, sexy lingerie needs to be sexy, and appealing. Because even though you should be wearing it for yourself, you definitely want the man or woman who sees you in it to like it too.

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