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Maia Porpara SB1 Silicone Balls

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Manufacturer - Maia Toys
Item Number - MT1805-L2

Porpara SB1 Silicone Balls Neon Purple

These silicone kegel balls have a smooth finishing for non-stop erotic movement. They are covered in a silky soft medical grade silicone which enjoyment is assured with your loved one or for solo fun.

Maia collection of sex toys was developed with a unique approach of incorporating color therapy to connect with consumers. Maia believes that colors have a psychological impact on people. For example, the color blue produces a calming effect, red is hot and sexy, pinks and purples denote passion, green represents balance, yellow makes people smile and orange is flirty and fun. Colors give the user of a sex toy sense of energy and power and allow to take sex to another level. Maia is a rainbow of experiences to choose from, for solo play or lovemaking. In addition to offer sex toys in a selection of colors Maia reached its objective to develop a collection of sex toys that is based on human anatomy and shape. All Maia sex toys are all made of RoHS compliant materials, such as medical grade silicon and are offered at a great price point, compared to its completion and that makes these sex toys affordable for the end consumer.

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