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Spanish Fly Sex Drops Gold

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Manufacturer - Spanish Fly
Item Number - BD1425-2007

Spanish Fly Sex Drops Gold

Spanish Gold Fly Will make women and men more excited and increase his/her Libido. Will make the men and women more sexually interested in your advances towards him or her. Spanish Gold Fly can be dissolved in any liquid instantly or can be consumed directly. Spanish Gold Fly is completely safe when used as directed. Please note that this product - Spanish Fly should only be administered with the explicit consent of the person who is going to consume it. "Spanish Fly" 5 ml. is a strong aphrodisiac, relaxing and conductive to sex. The product has effective action in both men and in women although primarily designed specifically for women. Only around 5 minutes after using it, you will notice its unique action. Best effect is the use of low-alcoholic drinks or soft drink (not soda).

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