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Sex Toys Guide - Love Machines

  • Sex Toys Guide - Introduction
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  • Sex Toys Guide - Love Machines
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  • Love machines (fucking machines) come in many varieties large and small. Some are inflatable and others are not. Generally they come with some form of machine mechanism that mimics a stroking motion. That piece will have a variety of attachments most common being a dong or a penis pump/masturbator for men. There are some really big ones that inflate into a chair or lounge offering a whole new assortment of positions to get into with your partner. You can have the machine part penetrate or stroke yourself or your partner while performing other activities together. These large ones are remote control operated to offer a hands-free experience. It’s like a virtual gymnasium for the couple using it! There are love machines you can use while standing up or bending over into various positions either with a partner or without. Technically the idea of a Love Machine is another exciting way to ad fun and variety to your sexual experience either with or without a partner. You will be amazed and excited to see the choices available in various price ranges.