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Love Machine

Love Machine

If you are in the market for a fucking machine you are probably overwhelmed by the amount of choices and the prices of such items. Most of us are not willing to spend $2000 or more for such novelty toy and in this economy the price of the Caesar 2.0 Love machine at over $400 bucks is probably too much as well. Fortunately there is something called the Love Machine by TLC. Item number 7721-7. At under $300 and free shipping, if purchased from BedroomJoys.com this machine is the best bang for the buck out there. At first glance you see that the Love Machine is a pretty hefty for a sex toy, but not for a fucking machine. Storage and is easy just lower the comfort handle it will easily fit under the bed or in the closet. The Love Machine is an electric toys and it does not run on batteries and can only be plugged into the wall outlet. Love machine comes with 3 different type of vibrators which plug directly into it and 2 dildo attachments. Vibrators run using the power directly from the machine. Remote that controls the machine also controls the vibrators. The first of the dildo attachments is the 6 inch pleasureskin piece which screws into place at the top of the machine. The speed of the stroke is controlled by the controlled and is adjustable from just a few strokes per minute to up to about 80 strokes per minute. The depth of penetration can be adjusted from about 3 to 6 inches as well. The love machine has a 90 degree angle adjustment where in few simple steps the dildo can be rotated around the axis of the machine allowing the user to change position from being on top, to doggie style to lying on the back next to the machine. The second attachment is slightly smaller black dildo. The machine also comes with an attachment for men. The soft Cyberskin masturbator attaches to the machine just like the dildos and allows the man for hands free fun, where the machine does all the work. The Love Machine is capable of being mounted on the wall with anchor on its bottom. The cleaning is a snap as well. The cloth cover is removable and washable and the plastic body can be wiped down with any house hold cleaner. Overall the Love Machine is a superb value for the money. While not being able to offer the power or the variety of accessories its competitors might offer the value for the money is great. If you are looking to try any fucking machine in your house Love Machine should be your first choice.
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