Adam and Eve 20 Inch Whip

Undoubtedly some of the most popular fetish & bondage items that people purchase are whips of all types and sizes. However, some of these can be quite painful and for the beginning fetish & bondage

connoisseur it is best to start out with a preliminary type of whip; one that it is more versatile that can provide both bouts of pain as well as be an instrument of pleasure. An example of an item such as this is the Adam and Eve 20 Inch Love Whip. This versatile beginner’s type whip is the perfect thing to get you or your partner a moderate taste of the fetish & bondage lifestyle.

To have a healthy and satisfying sex life, both parties need to put effort into it. This can include doing things on your own or with your partner. Looking into fetish & bondage can be a good way to introduce something new into your lives; the Adam and Eve 20 Inch Love Whip is a great way to do this. You’ve seen whips used in a variety of sexual situations in the media and in pornography; many times these are exaggerations. Whips like the Adam and Eve 20 Inch Love Whip can be used to tease and to provide pleasure just as much as they are to provide a little bit of pain.

The Adam and Eve 20 Inch Love Whip has a silky soft material that is unique and provides different types of stimuli to the body. Because it isn’t made of leather it won’t immediately provide a pain induced effect and will be regarded as a more appealing item to fetish & bondage beginners. The Adam and Eve 20 Inch Love Whip has a cool spinning design to it that other whips do not have. If you want to combine the Adam and Eve 20 Inch Love Whip with other toys, it has a fastener clip that can attach to a D style ring or other sexual accessory. If you’re looking to try whips, then the Adam and Eve 20 Inch Love Whip is definitely one that should be your first purchase.

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