Basics of Sex

People often get so hung up on fetish and bondage that they forget about the basics of sexual activity. I’m talking about the groundwork for sex, the absolute necessities that you can’t do without, and that can actually improve sex for both parties. Things like condomslubricantssexual positioning, and sexy lingerie often get lost amongst the fantasies for greater sexual escapades.

Condoms are so common they’re often taken completely for granted. When choosing condoms, remember they don’t necessarily have to be brand name. However, they should be selected with your partner in mind. For example, you should always buy condoms that are lubricated. If you’re a heterosexual couple then try to get some that are ribbed for her pleasure, and if you’re not then get ultra thin for him condoms. You can improve sex just by making sure you’re using the right kind of condoms for you.

The next basic commodity that people use but also take for granted is lubricants. There are many different lubricants on the market so it might be hard to pick just one. That’s fine; play around, there’s variety for a reason. Try some temperature sensitive lubricants, or use some that are specific for the type of sexual activity you are going to engage in. When you find one that both parties like, stick to it. And if you don’t use lubricants at all, well, start using them. Sure, sometimes your bodies provide enough natural lubrication but lubricants also heighten sensations and pleasures, making sex better.

Sexual positioning is something that has so much variety to it that people often forget there are more than three basic positions. There’s a ton of resources one can consult for ideas of some creative sexual positioning; by switching it up you can definitely spice up your love life and improve your overall sexual skill set.

Something simple that can really make sex more fun is the addition of sexy lingerie. By wearing nice undergarments like sexy lingerie, it shows that you put thought and care into your actions. It shows our partner you’re trying and that you want to do something nice for them, so that they can in turn do something nice for you. It might seem pointless to some people; ‘Why wear it if it’s just going to come off anyway?’ However, it is really the thought that counts, and that all works to help set the mood for the night.

Going back to the basics of sex is an important step for any couple, or anyone at all having sex. It makes sure that you have your bases covered so you can move forward and grow sexually as an individual.

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