Bed Restraint Kit

Even if you have never personally purchased fetish & bondage items, you probably have endeavored to partake in some fetish & bondage type play in the bedroom. For example, maybe you’ve attempted to tie your partner to the bedpost with a tie, or just held them down during your lovemaking. You might not have realized it, but that’s what fetish & bondage is basically about. However, it can be difficult to tie your partner down since most beds don’t have bedposts. With the Bed Restraint Bondage Kit, you will have all the things you need to manage this feat regardless of the type of bed you own.

Few people have beds with bedposts; they tend to be larger and take up more room. Luckily, the Bed Restraint Bondage Kit provides all the fetish & bondage items you need to successfully enjoy tying your partner to the bedposts. This kit comes with nylon tethers, arms restraints, leg restraints, and a free love mask. Regardless of the type of bed you own, you’ll be able to create a fun fetish & bondage activity for you and your partner to enjoy. The bonus mask will obstruct one’s vision, adding to the excitement!

The Bed Restraint Bondage Kit is the perfect fetish & bondage kit for beginners and a staple for experienced adult sex toy buyers. It provides a basic introduction into fetish play and is the perfect addition to anyone’s bedroom collection of toys. The Bed Restraint Bondage Kit will work with any bed as it uses clever under the mattress bindings instead of requiring bed posts for the activity. If you’re looking to get into fetish & bondage then the Bed Restraint Bondage Kit is a versatile combination of classic fetish restraints.

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