Beer Pong Game

Calling all partygoers; if you’re having a bachelor, bachelorette, or
birthday party and are wondering what you can get to really make the party a success than the answer is simple; beer pong. Heck, it doesn’t need to be a special occasion to bust out the Beer Pong Racks Game. In fact, it can be any get together where people hang out. But if you are having one these 
type parties than the best way to ensure a successful party is
with the addition of the Beer Pong Racks Game.

You don’t have to be good at beer pong to enjoy the Beer Pong Racks Game. However, this game is a great addition to a bachelorette party for a few reasons. At these types of occasions, you usually have a congregation of women who may or may not be familiar with each other. There may even be some bad blood in there somewhere. As an excellent icebreaker, or a distraction from possible drama, the Beer Pong Racks Game will entertain your guests for you. Not only that but it will also get them drunk and having fun without having to worry the bride.

The Beer Pong Racks Game is a simple party game; it’s two racks into which you can place ten cups of beer. When you fill the cups, fill them about a third of the way as you don’t want people falling over after the first game played. Place the racks on opposing ends of a ping pong table however in most cases your standard size dining room table will suffice just as well. You can even look up different rules to beer pong online in order to make the game more interesting. Regardless of your occasion, the Beer Pong Racks Game is a must at any successful social event that involves people and alcohol. At a bachelorette party, it might even be a fun idea to make it into a tournament where the winner takes home some kind of prize.

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