Get Closer to Your Partner with Body Swing

There are a variety of sex toys and sexswings that couples can use to achieve new and interesting sexual positions.

It’s important to switch up your sexual routines in order to keep the relationship or sex feeling new and exciting. Don’t become complacent with the everyday. In order to keep things fresh, sometimes you can incorporate a sex toy into the bedroom. Some sex toys, called sex swings, function less as toys and more as a helping hand; by using some kind of swing you and your partner can find new positions.

Sex swings can be swings that you attach to a door or those that come in a stand. Another type of sex swing is a body swing, which doesn’t hang on anything but yourself. The Whip Smart Body Swing is an example of a sex swing. The way you use it is pretty simple; you just halter to the body of a person, usually the male because he is stronger, and use it maneuver into new positions. In order to use the Whip Smart Body Swing, as you can imagine, you do have to have a relative degree of strength. This goes for both partners.

Using sex swings, you can not only find new sexual positions, but also incorporate a higher amount of exercise into sexual activity for the simple fact that you do have to use your body strength to maintain the position. People get so caught up in their daily routines that they often don’t have time for going to the gym or getting a healthy amount of exercise. However, using the Whip Smart Body Swing you can solve both add spice to the bedroom and also get in a good workout.

Sex swings are designed with plenty of alternatives in mind, but the Whip Smart Body Swing is cool because it allows the couple to focus on each other and less on a sex toy. There’s no stand to fumble with or door to deal with, it’s just the two of you enjoying a new way to have sex. The Whip Smart Body Swing is adjustable for anyone who wants to wear it, and is has padded stirrups for comfort.

Items like the Whip Smart Body Swing are great for couples, or for any adventurous person looking for a new way to have sex. A lot of people shy away from sex toys because of the taboo associated with them, but sex swings are really less of a toy and more of an accessory used to assist you in having sex; much like the way you would use a bed because it’s comfortable. Sex swings are a fun new way to find new positions and achieve a closer level of intimacy with your partner.

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