Striptease Dancing Pole

It’s true that when you think of exercising and love machines, pole dancing doesn’t necessarily come to mind.  However, the pole is actually a great workout for any woman looking to get into shape but doesn’t want to do something boring and conventional like go to the gym. The pole is one of many love machines you can buy, but it’s the only one that will really provide a great workout for you if you learn to use it right. The Carmen Electra Dancing Pole combines dance, seduction, and exercise into one really good time.

The Carmen Electra Dancing Pole comes with everything you need for a great time; obviously it comes with the pole, a top and bottom base, spanner, carry and storage bag, assembly guide and instructional DVD. Once you put it all together, the options are limitless.

There are so many different things you can do with love machines like the Carmen Electra dancing pole, especially if you’re a female living in a communal arrangements with other females; dorms, roommates, housemates, and so on. You can set up the pole in your living room and learn to work it together; it’s a really great workout and will definitely help keep off the dreaded freshman fifteen. The DVD it comes with will tell you exactly what to do with it.

Have you ever noticed how the hottest clubs always have some kind of elevated podium with poles on it for dancing? Those poles are actually love machines, and there are plenty of them on the adult toy market. The Carmen Electra Dancing Pole is one that you can purchase and set up anywhere you like. Girls, in your bedrooms and living rooms, and guys can also purchase the pole. The pole is a great addition to any bachelor pad where parties are sure to be held. Guys in fraternities, it’s practically necessary for you to incorporate poles for dancing.

The Carmen Electra Dancing Pole isn’t just for dancing, however. You can also incorporate it into a night of seduction between you and your partner. Think of the surprise on your man’s face when he sees you work the pole sensually like a pro? These love machines are just like any other sex toy; the use of them is supposed to be increase the desire and want of your partner in the bedroom and should definitely be used as such.

The Art of Sexual Positioning like dancing poles should be used for all of their many functions; for exercise, for dancing at parties, and for the art of seduction. This way you get the most out of your product, and learn a variety of skills while you’re at it. Make no mistake, seduction and sex require skills and if you want to be good at it, then you should approach it like any other discipline; with the intent to learn as much of it as possible.

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