Colt Vacuum Penis Pump

For many men, the battle against impotence can wreak havoc in their sex
lives. There are many different types of penis pumps on the market today to try to solve this problem. However, when you’re dealing with something as delicate as your penis then there really is no substitute for quality and safety. The Colt Vacuum Pump System is one of the best out there. This isn’t any toy pump; the Colt Vacuum Pump System is a heavy duty pump system that uses a high pressure heavy metal pump with easy grip handles.

Many penis pumps prove to be cheap and unreliable. This can be dangerous, particularly if you aren’t using the pump correctly. The Colt Vacuum Pump System is created for durability and reliability but always be sure you are using it correctly. Follow the instructions, and avoid overly enthusiastic pumping as this can lead to some serious damage to your body like burst blood vessels and vascular issues. If you’re using the Colt Vacuum Pump System correctly, then you will get the desired result.

The Colt Vacuum Pump System comes with a professional vacuum gauge, durable 2 and a quarter inch cylinder into which you insert your penis, non crimping hose, universal interlocking quick disconnect valve, and a silicone sleeve for storage. When using the Colt Vacuum Pump System, be sure to use some personal lubricant for pleasure and air sealing purposes. The Colt Vacuum Pump System is easy to wash, so be sure to clean it for hygiene after every use. The quality of the Colt Vacuum Pump System is incomparable to other penis pumps on the market, so if you are having problems getting it up then don’t settle for anything less.

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