Cyberskin Virtual Sex Ultra Sex Toys

The ultimate life size sex dolls, torsos and pussy and ass sex toys have been released by Topco Sales in January of 2013. Sex toys for men you see on this page are made from Cyberskin material and offer ultra realistic experience for the user with these life size sex toys. Made of an IsoFoam core covered in supple CyberSkin or solid Cyberskin you get a full life size sex toy. Amazing, one of a kind CyberSkin material feels soft just like real skin, you can’t tell the difference. The beautifully sculptured bodies are molded from real women and are anatomically correct down to the last detail. While there are a lot of different sex toys for men few offer such a high level of virtual reality sexual experience. While Fuck Me Silly sex toys offer a stiff competition to these realistic sex toys we are sure these Cyberskin masterpieces of erotica will hold their own.

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