Discreet Power Massager

If you were asked to picture a vibrator, you’d probably come up with an image of a brightly colored buzzing phallic shape. However, what you might not realize is that this is just one type of vibrator. Vibrators are designed to bring external pleasure, internal, or both to women or men. Anything that satisfies one or more of those intents can be considered part of the very general category of vibrators.

Massagers fall into the general category of vibrators, but you might not have thought so originally as not all of them provide internal stimulation. For example, the Inspire Ultra Powerful Compact Massager is a vibrator that provides good, concentrated, external stimulation to your erogenous zones despite the fact that it doesn’t look like your typical vibrator. Sex toys like the Inspire Ultra Powerful Compact Massager come with a few benefits if you purchase them over the more conventional designs that you are used to seeing.

First of all, if discretion is something that is important to you when you are buying a sex toy or comparing vibrators, then something that is designed in a way that doesn’t look like your usual phallic shape is a good choice. Should anyone see it, they don’t need to know that this is a sex toy. You can easily claim that it is a foot massager or neck massager and not worry about them questioning you. It doesn’t look like a dildo so people will not assume anything untoward with regards to the Inspire Ultra Powerful Compact Massager.

Second of all, toys like the Inspire Ultra Powerful Compact Massager are vibrators that can also double and massage other areas of your body too. Its ergonomic handle with a supple, spring mounted, flexible head makes it easy to maneuver over any part of your body. You can massage your back, neck, feet, using various intensities of vibration. Also, this particular massager is waterproof. So you can enjoy some private time in your bedroom, or your bathtub and Jacuzzi. Using the Inspire Ultra Powerful Compact Massager you can relax and massage any tense areas in your body in addition to giving yourself the ultimate pleasure.

The Inspire Ultra Powerful Compact Massager is part of a couture collection; as such it is a couture vibe. Generally speaking, couture collection massagers are made for consumers with elevated expectations who only want the best quality products. This is a sophisticated vibrator that emphasizes both power and performance as it works to bring you to the highest point of pleasure you can reach. Good for playtime alone, or include a partner, this discreet vibe gives you plenty of options.

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