Drink Shaker

Throwing a party? Whether it’s a bachelorette, birthday, or just for fun extravaganza then you are definitely going to be making drinks for your guests. Dry parties are so 1930s. The RX Drink Shaker is going to be the life of your party as you put those high school chemistry skills to good use as you mix drinks in the kitchen. If you’ve ever done any bartending, then you know the position can sometimes make you feel like a glorified agony aunt or a shrink. Now you can cure whatever ails your guests with the RX Drink Shaker.

Bachelorette parties usually don’t include men, and if you’ve ever been to one then you know this is prime opportunity for the women to complain about the men in their lives. If you’re throwing a bachelorette party, then the RX Drink Shaker is going to be the cure all for their many and varied complaints. As we all know, sometimes a strong drink is really the best type of medication; this oversized pill bottle that functions as your typical cocktail shaker will bring not only laughs but relief to those who see it in action.

The RX Drink Shaker is perfect for making all kinds of drinks; martinis, mixed drinks, fancy cocktails and etcetera. It measures seven and a half inches tall and three and three quarter inches wide, so you can stir up a large drink with lots of mix ins. The RX Drink Shaker includes a strainer and lid. Unfortunately, alcohol not included! So if you’re throwing a party, especially a bachelorette party, be sure to add the RX Drink Shaker to the list of party must haves.

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