Emotional Bliss Heat Vibrators

Working with Julia Cole, UK’s leading Psychosexual Therapist, Emotional Bliss have taken their time in perfecting the ultimate personal massager that is designed to hit all the right spots. Created with all women in mind, whatever their age; Emotional Bliss heat vibrators are completely unique in shape and function. Inspired to create vibrators that compliment the natural contours of a woman’s body, the range also boasts an array of shapes and textures that act as an additional aid in achieving that ultimate orgasm. With over 9 years of research, Emotional Bliss has managed to achieve the correct frequency of vibration and speed with minimum sound. Emotional Bliss have created the Womolia and the Femblossom, vibrators that also heat up with a simple click of a button to coincide with the selected program. They also contain an antibacterial agent, which means a few minutes after use after wiping with water, they become sterile again and ready for use!

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