Fuck Me Silly Dude Torso

Fuck Me Silly Dude Mega Masturbator is a unique male torso masturbator can please you or your partner, or both of you together if you’d like to ad someone to the mix without the drama. His full size cut abs and chest is firm and tight and easy to hold onto. The ripped abs are so realistic and sexy you can’t say no to this mega masturbator. His full sized 8” penis is soft and silky on the outside but always firm and erect, always ready for action. The scrotum looks and feels so realistic with its soft pouch and firm balls inside. There is also a supple anal entry with a tight tunnel that squeezes when penetrated. Upon use it will stretch out to fit its user perfectly to personalize this life-size masturbator. 25 pounds of solid, realistic Fantaflesh that warms when you use it and feels as real as possible for a life size mega masturbator. Includes a bottle of Moist Lube to get the penis wet or to moisten the anal entry for a realistic experience. For easy clean up by using the toy cleaner included in the package and some warm water. Place your Dude Mega Masturbator back into his box for easy storage and to keep him in great condition for as long as you’d like.
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Fuck Me Silly Dude Torso
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