Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator- A Women’s Perspective

Shopping for adult toys as a couple definitely has it’s perks. It allows you to know your partner on a very deep personal level. While browsing all the inventory with my boyfriend, something caught his attention. His eyes lit up and a grin crossed his face. I turned my gaze to meet his and there in front of us was a perfect ass. Doggy-style position including only the essential parts, vaginal and anal entries, beginning at the curves of the lower waist ending beyond the points of penetration at the upper thigh, it was perfectly rounded, smooth and inviting, beckoning any man to take her from behind. Without hesitation he smacked that ass, and ear to ear smile as he watched it wiggle just like a real ass wiggles, boldly holding position steadily behind its 20 pound weight. At first I felt a little jealous… which was silly… After that, on multiple occasions, he joked with me or his friends about this incredibly realistic toy, and being his lady, I knew that in truth he deeply desired this toy. Against my own ego, I made his fantasy a reality and bought the Fuck me Silly, finding the best price on Bedroomjoys.

Ladies, let go of your ego, treat your man to the most amazing male sex toy on the market. Men can be peculiar creatures and very in-tuned to their carnal desires. I work a lot and may not always be available. The Fuck me Silly is my official stand in. She doesn’t cheat me out of his attention, she is there to take care of him when I can’t, and I don’t know about you, but better to have the Mega Masturbator vs. someone else!!! He and I rate this toy #1 Sex toy for Men especially for a realistic experience, and a very happy man.

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