Blonde Fuck My Face – RD179-02

Pipedream Extreme Fuck My Face Brunette wants you to use her face! Lovely long brunette hair and pouty pink lips can be delivered straight to your door. Pleasure yourself in private with no begging to talking back involved.
This girl’s dream is to suck your cock. Deep throat her and make her gag. She doesn’t go anywhere with the powerful suction cup base holds her head on any hard surface you place her on.
Every inch of this lovely Pipedream Extreme Fuck My Face Brunettegirl is Fanta-Flesh perfection. Even her eyes blink while you are fucking her face slow or hard. There are no rules and no teeth to slow you down. As she deep throats every inch of you her Fanta-Flesh soft mouth and throat warms up to your cock and sucks it deep in her mouth. You can explode in her mouth and she won’t gag while your pumping cum down her throat.
Add lube to her mouth and you get even more fucking and sucking. You can put her in the shower and fucker her and she won’t drown. You can curl her hair or put your favorite lip stick color on her lips. Watch as you smear it all over her face with the head of your cock and she loves it, or at least she’s not complaining because her mouth is so full. Smack her, pull her hair and make her head bounce.
Buying this beauty is so easy. Simply order, pay and wait for her to be delivered discreetly to your doorstep. Open the box and she’s ready to go. When you are done and have blown your wad all over her face and down her throat you can take a shower with her and clean her up real nice. Shower time just became your favorite time!

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