Her Ultimate Pleasure

Welcome to the most innovative luxury pleasure device to hit the toy market yet!!! It is the first All-In-One Sex Toy, multi-purpose, multi-function sex toy, that delivers satisfaction on every level thinkable!!! Imagine… A silky smooth vibrator delivering Powerful, deep vibrations with a gentle curve for the g-spot, perfect size, and 10 options for vibration… Or how about a motorized tongue with 7 motion patterns to tantalize the clitoral and labial area… Now, add a pussy pump to that tongue, wait, lets include the vibration too!!! Boom!!! The most explosive, intense, mind-blowing orgasm ever! They should include a warning to the user stating you may need a pillow to muffle the cries of ecstasy. Each feature of this beautiful, quality, perfectly designed toy can be used independently or combined. The first of it’s kind, and in a league of it’s own, a must try, must have, most amazing, most satisfying toy for women. This toy alone is incredible. Imagine purchasing each toy alone to represent all the choices the Her Ultimate Pleasure can do, include rechargeable, multi-function, and silicone, would roughly be a minimum of $50 or $60 just for a bullet… Now factor in the vibe, and pump of equal quality, and you are looking at spending a fortune. It is all you can look for in a toy and all you need in a toy… on a scale of 1-10 this one would be well off the charts… How about a 20!

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