Inflatable Hot Seat Sex Toy

Sometimes you need a little bit of extra comfort to just the right sexual positioning. When doing this with a partner it is a lot more difficult because there is another person whose needs you to consider. However, with the Inflatable Hot Seat there is no compromise; this is something that you can partake in on your own and endeavor to be a little bit selfish. For women, really good sexual positioning is sometimes hard to find. But with the Inflatable Hot Seat you can navigate according to your body’s desires and wishes without having to worry about anybody else.

The Inflatable Hot Seat is an inflatable little stool with handles. In the center of the Inflatable Hot Seat is a solid multi speed dong made out of jelly like material. Inflate and deflate the Inflatable Hot Seat as you wish. For best results and optimum sexual positioning use the Inflatable Hot Seat on a flat surface. Once you select the desired speed amongst the vibrations, feel free to ride it out to your heart’s content. This is a durable toy that will hold up to 300 lbs so don’t worry about deflating it. The Inflatable Hot Seat also comes with a free love mask.

Sexual positioning can be difficult to attain properly for women. In addition to that, you have to go along with your partner’s pace and this can be conflicting to what your body needs. With the Inflatable Hot Seat you can learn more about your body and its desires, at whatever pace you want. If you want, you can even include your partner in this and have them tease your body while you take a ride on the Inflatable Hot Seat.

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