Hydrobator Masturbator

Attention all Men! Introducing a revolutionary new, fully automated sex toy, designed to give the best, beyond your wildest expectations, experience, a stroker can provide. Roll out the red carpet and make room for a versatile, intense self session, provided by this toy, unlike any male sex toy you may have tried before. Self pleasure has taken on a whole new role, starring the Pipedream PDX Elite Hydrobator. It is the jack of all trades (pun intended) when it comes to Men’s Sex Toys. This delightful device can be used in or out of a shower or hot tub! There is so much to this Fully Automated Stroker, featuring a silicone, textured, double-open-ended tunnel, designed to allow water to flow through, then choose 3 speeds to simultaneously stroke every inch of your member, no matter the size, and for a final touch, 7 powerful modes of vibrations, providing an intense experience beyond compare. The PDX Elite Hydrobater has a comfortable handle that features its controls, easy to use with the press of a thumb, and get ready for a fully-encompassing stroking experience. Move over canines because Man may have found a new best friend!!!

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