Jenna Jameson Sex Doll

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular names in adult entertainment is the name and brand of the notorious Jenna Jameson; the woman is so infamous that even those who are unfamiliar with adult entertainment will be familiar with her. It’s one of the reasons why she is the object of many a fantasy among men but the sad truth is that she is just one woman and she doesn’t do house calls. The Jenna Jameson Extreme Sex Doll however, does.

With the Jenna Jameson Extreme Sex Doll you will get as close to Jenna Jameson as you will ever have the chance too. And luckily, with these realistic sex dolls, you can do whatever you want. This quality replica Jenna Jameson doll has a solid face with a vibrating mouth and real life like fingers and hair. In addition, the Jenna Jameson Extreme Sex Doll has a removable vagina and ass; the doll itself is life size and stands at about 5 feet once it is blown up. Every part of this doll is carefully designed to emulate the lovely and coveted Jenna Jameson.

With realistic sex dolls like the Jenna Jameson Extreme Sex Doll, you can bring all of your fantasies alive. This doll was put together for heavy duty use so it will last for as long as you do; it’s the perfect companion to those lonely nights and is very easy on the eyes. The Jenna Jameson Extreme Sex Doll is a must have for Jenna Jameson’s biggest fans; it’s the ultimate novelty collector’s item. Bring Jenna to life the best way you can with these realistic dolls; the Jenna Jameson Extreme Sex Doll is built to indulge your deepest fantasy.

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