Joya Luxury Sex Toys

JOYA FOR YOU is an enterprise of two young women entrepreneurs, creating high-end, unique, innovative sex toys, designed to bring you pleasure. is proud to introduce this special new line of toys from Joya. Joya is a women-owned, women-inspired company that is passionate about bringing their female audience more love, beauty and pleasure. Their goal is to celebrate women and raise sexuality to a whole new level by offering high-quality, unique designs that feel amazing. Joya vibrators won multiple awards all over the world. Little Su Tulip vibrator, with its sensual flower shape and assortment of colors and sizes every woman will find the Tulip that’s right for her. The Tulip is a compact bi-functional vibrator with two engines for external and internal stimulation.

There is a plethora of different vibrators on the sex toys market. When choosing a vibrator, it is easy to get waylaid by all the distractions companies create to distract from the fact that their product isn’t anything special. When you first look at a row of different vibrators you probably notice all the different colors first. Try to avoid this, you might want to focus on a brand that was created by women. One such brand is Joya; it was started by two women who were sick and tired of the adult market being dominated by men. Men are only half of the equation, after all. To that end, they started their own brand and called it Joya. Garnering inspiration from one of the most famous courtesans they created the Little Su Black Tulip vibrator. When you have a product created for women, by women, you don’t even really have to work to sell it. It goes without saying that, because they are women, they know what women want.

Women have multiple erogenous zones, a fact that the Joya Little Su Black Tulip vibrator addresses by being design in such a manner that it accesses both internal and external zones of pleasure. Just because their vibrators are on the discreet side does not by any means that they lack creativity. In fact, their presentation is one of the more ingenious features of the design of this product. Instead of plastic wrapping, or a tacky pink box, their vibrators come packaged in what appears to be a book. It’s really a box shaped like a book, but at first glance you really wouldn’t know the difference. You could place on your bedside table, and no one would be the wiser.

Its little details like this that set Joya apart from other brands that manufacture vibrators. They’re just as creative as other companies, but without the gimmicks The Little Su Black Tulip vibrator is likely to get the job done in a manner that you’ve never experienced before. More importantly, by purchasing it you’re endorsing a company whose philosophy you not only abide by, but strive to live up to.

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