Kama Bachelorette Sutra Game

A fun and interesting way to learn more about yourself, your partner, and your sex life is to play a game. The Kama Sutra Game is a unique gift for any bachelor or bachelorette, and is a fun buy for couples to enjoy together.

The Kama Sutra Game combines positions and elements of the infamous Kama Sutra with elements of board games played in your childhood. The Kama Sutra Game is a great find for sexually active adult, young or old.

One of the less obvious advantages of playing a sex themed gamed like The Kama Sutra Game is that in playing with your partner, the experience brings you closer together. Feel like your sex life is stuck in reverse? Couples who need to reconnect or would just like to keep their sexual connection strong can play The Kama Sutra Game for solidarity. The game creates a lovemaking environment that builds on chance, creativity, and the progression of physical intimacy. A clever gift for a bachelorette, The Kama Sutra Game can help erase some of the wedding tension and stress during the honeymoon.

The Kama Sutra Game looks like a classic board game. It’s shaped like a square so it’s practically the easiest present to wrap if you’re going to give it as a gift. The game itself includes a board, activity/position cards, die, 2 playing pieces and instructions. Flipping through a Kama Sutra book can be a little overwhelming, but with The Kama Sutra Game you can learn new positions with your partner in a fun and stress free way. The Kama Sutra Game is both entertaining and educational.

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