Cyberskin Perfect Ass

Perfect ass

If you are looking for a large realistic pussy and ass toy for men and do some quick research on the web you will definitely come across something called the Perfect Ass from Topco Sales TLC line of toys. Not only this toys will be mentioned it will be highly recommended by most everyone who ever owned one. So why is this toy so special? Number one its the size. This is the absolute largest toy of its kind on the marked today. At about 22lbs the Perfect Ass dwarfs other silicone like asses. While it is not molded from an actual person, the true to life form of this toy is incredible. The size is absolutely the key to the success of this toy. Made to look like a butt of a bigger girl this toys offers true to life realistic look and feel. The Perfect Ass is made from solid Cyberskin and offers two entry points, vagina and ass, each with its own separate love tunnel. Each tunnel is made to be tight and each one is ribbed for extra sensation. The vagina offers 7 inches of penetration while the ass offers 8. The love tunnels are designed to be used when the Perfect Ass is on a flat surface. The Perfect Ass comes with dual bullet vibrators to add extra excitement to the action. The Perfect Ass is available in 2 colors, white and black. Item numbers are 7488-7 for the white and 7489-7 for the black. Both items are exactly the same in every detail except for the color. While many online stores offer this toy the price on the item greatly varies from one retailer to the other. We suspect that because of the success of the item and its high demand some imitations have been produced by the manufacturers in China and offered in US as the real item. The thing is Cyberskin, from which the Perfect Ass is made, is a patented invention of Topco Sales. Topco Sales is an American company and manufacturer both the white and the black Perfect Ass right here in the USA from Cyberskin. The wholesale price of the Perfect Ass set by the Manufacturer is $195 and any time you see these toys priced significantly below this you are probably buying a fake. So be careful out there. buys Perfect Ass and Black Perfect Ass directly from Topco Sales and its authorized distributors.
Be assured that when you are buying The Perfect Ass from you are getting the original item with full manufacturers warranty. We added HD pictures of The Perfect Ass below. Feel free to click on the thumbnails below to view full size, detailed images of the items. Images are large so please allow time for them to load.

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