Personal Massager Bliss from BMS

When your home alone and could use something to help you relax then look no further. The perfect adult massager is now available with an updated features. One of those new features is being water proof!
The first thing that comes to mind for me with this new feature is something you can enjoy in the bathtub or shower! I also believe its one of the best features added and what interests me the most with this toy.
Its considered to be a woman’s best friend but offers more than amazing pleasure for women.
The Palm Power is  also great for giving someone a body massage or give yourself one! Meaning if you have a special someone they can also enjoy your new toy!
We all know that having something handy around to help you relax and also bring you comfort is very important. Also great for some adult pleasure. Another feature that I like is you can remove the massaging head that is made of complete silicon. Meaning it will never get old and can make it feel like a new toy!
You can purchase new sensations; different massaging heads separately to use with this Palm Power by BMS Personal massager.
So it is like your getting so many options with just one toy!
You can don’t have any batteries to change here just plug it in the wall.
Has its own USB recharging cord that comes with it.
Meaning you can enjoy this toy for hours and save money on batteries!
The last feature I think is so great because so easy to use.
One power button also increases speed for your pleasure.
By simply pressing and holding the power button you can increase the power after you have turned it on. Or press it once to turn it back off until you need it again.
This wands is just really great to have around or take with you where ever you go.
Its the most enjoyable rechargeable massaging wand available.
The stylish design is also a plus with this hand held massager.

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