Glass Sex Toys – A Phallic Art

One of the most underrated sex toys out on the market today are glass sex toys. They’re deceptively strong, despite the fact that they’re made out of glass, and are often crafted like works of art. Because they are made of glass, glass sex toys will never look tacky or unappealing. They range from simple, smooth, designs to those that are a little bit more out of the ordinary in an effort to attract the widest possible audience; no matter what kind of person you are, you can find that glass sex toys are suitable to your taste.

The Don Wand Blue and White LED Helix Glass Dong is a perfect example of glass sex toys that over go overlooked. Here is a beautifully crafted glass sex toy that incorporated an LED light into the base that lights up the helix ribbon inside of it.

Like most glass sex toys, there are plenty of advantages that come with picking glass over silicone. On the most practical level, these types of products are just easier to clean than other sex toys. They’re also easy to sterilize. This makes dealing with taking care of your sex toy so much easier than with other toys, and is one reason why a lot of people should look into selecting glass sex toys over other types of products.

The Don Wand Blue and White LED Helix Glass Dong is more than your regular sex toy. It’s made of glass, and so it looks more like some kind of glass blown art piece than it does a sex toy. This makes it also a collector’s item. Some people make a hobby of collecting erotically crafted glass toys such as this one, and the Don Wand is an excellent addition to any collection; not only for the fact that it has a unique and intriguing design, but also because of the fact that it lights up.

It doesn’t take a bunch of different gimmicks for one particular product to stand out. However, it does require thoughtful design, and something that will set one glass sex toy apart from other glass sex toys. The Don Wand Blue and White LED Helix Glass Dong is definitely a sex toy that will stand out to you if you compare it along side many others.

Glass sex toys are an art form that dates way back before sex toys were even created in the sense that we consider them today. If you look at art history, you will see phallic shapes in symbolism dating back to earliest days of culture. The Don Wand Blue and White LED Helix Glass dong is a perfect modern example of acceleration and progress that we’ve made since the days of the earliest humans.

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