Pjur Glide Lube

A Better Sex Life with Pjur

When people look to spice up their lives in the bedroom they often at least consider buying a sex toy. However, what you might not consider to be an actual ‘toy’ might be what you’re looking for. Sometimes, the difference can be as easy as incorporating the use of one of the most basic sexual commodities; lubricants. They’re great for couples looking for a sexual lift without the use of a sex toy, for the personal use of men and women, or for use with the addition of a sex toy. To start you off, a good choice is the Pjur Basic Personal Glide Lubricant.

There are a ton of lubricants that come in a variety of colors and flavors. The best products, however, are usually the most simple because in the end, they are the most versatile. With this Pjur product you need only use a couple of drops, and it works equally well with or without the use of latex condoms. Here are some ways you can introduce this lubricant into your sex life.

In the bedroom with your partner

With the Personal Glide, the sensations you feel during sex will be magnified. Not only that, but lubricants also make sex an easier and smoother endeavor altogether. One really good thing about lubricants is that they are an addition to the bedroom that benefits both the man and a woman. With other toys, it’s very difficult to find a product that works with both participants. The Pjur lubricants, however, make sex a better experience for both partners.

In the bedroom without your partner

It is a common misconception that lubricants are only used for vaginal or anal intercourse. This is not true. You can also use the aid of the lubricant to enhance your personal time in the bedroom. Lubricants heighten sensations so this will be true whether or not you are alone.

In the bedroom with another sex toy

It’s a really good idea to use the Pjur Basic Personal Glide lubricant, especially if you are looking to use a sex toy like a vibrator or a dildo. They allow for much easier penetration and change what you are feeling completely. Sometimes sex toys, regardless of the materials used in their production, just don’t feel enough like the real thing or feel like plastic. Nobody wants that, but with a lubricant it makes the sensations you feel much more authentic.

Lubricants are extremely versatile and common products. Like the Pjur Basic Personal Glide Lubricant, they are all relatively inexpensive and provide a better sexual experience for any and all parties involved. They can be used for vaginal intercourse, anal sex, or masturbation of either orifice. They are also a good way introduction to the possibilities of other sex toys. Once you get started using lubricants, and see there are other curious products available, you will feel more comfortable looking into them. If you’re just starting out, the Pjur Basic Personal Glide lubricant is the way to go.

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