Fukuoku 9000 Fingertip Massager

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Manufacturer – Fukuoku
Product Code – IFK6100

This One Goes Anywhere your fingers can go!

Discover the Oriental secret of Fukuoku 9000. This is the Original World’s Smallest Most Powerful Fingertip Vibrator. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, has an adjustable Finger-Fitting ring and it’s powerful enough to send out 9000 vibrations per minute! And with three different attachment tips, it’s like having 3 different vibrators!
This tiny vibe can be easily incorporated into partner sex. Wherever you use your fingers to caress your lover, the Fukuoku adds vibration to the mix.
Available in 5 different colors.
WARNING! Due to the popularity of this toys there are many knockoffs out on the market. They might look the same but the fake will not deliver the experience the original will, plus only the original will guarantee you the quality and performance. All Fukuoku products we sell are 100% original products.

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