Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator

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Manufacturer – Love Honey
Item Number – A00712

Sorry guys, you’re not even needed for oral sex any more!

The World’s Best Selling Oral Sex Toy!!

New and improved Sqweel 2 is better than ever!

Softer silicone tongues

Tongues rotate forwards, backwards AND back and forth in flicker mode!

Touch button technology and no more switches!

Sqweel Oral Sex is a revolution in orgasms! The sensational new patent-pending oral sex simulator has a wheel of 10 teasing tongues that will lap you to orgasm over and over. Sqweel is a patent-pending sex toy for women and their partners designed to simulate oral sex. Sqweel does not vibrate, it does not thrust, it does not just provide quick, semi-satisfying orgasms. The unique wheel of tongues provides easily controlled stimulation at just the speed you need.

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Sqweel Sex Toy Animation

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