Synergy Erotic Plasma Vibrating Balls

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Manufacturer – Synergy Erotic
Product Code – SYN2200002-blue, SYN2200006-lavender, SYN2200008-pink
The Plasma Illuminate-Her Strobing Uber Balls are unlike ANYTHING you’ve seen before! Each ball contains a high-speed micro motor capable of spinning at thousands of RPM’s, generating a high-frequency vibration that is sure to stimulate. To add a bit more fun each ball also contains a multi-color LED that flashes and strobes in concert with the 7 various speeds.
The Strobing Uber Balls offer a thrilling new sensation so break away from the same old vibrating toys you’re used to!
Features of the Synergy Erotic Plasma Illuminate-Her Strobing Uber Ball series:
Waterproof Balls (NOT the powerpack)
7 Sexsational functions
Strobing LED’s that “dance” to the vibrations
3 “AAA” Batteries (not included)
Soft-Touch One Finger Control
PU coated controller for added comfort
The Plasma Illuminate-Her Strobing Uber Balls are available in: Sensual Blue, Lavender, and Pink

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