Tenga Squeeze Play 6.0 Masturbator

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Manufacturer – Tenga Japan
Product Code – TAN-03
TENGA products are the best-selling sex toys for men in Japan. They deliver a variety of unmatched sexual experiences through superior engineering and the finest quality materials. Tenga products contain no phthalates or bisphenol-A (BPA) and are packaged to maintain the highest levels of sanitation and freshness for your safety and sexual pleasure.
Squeeze Play’s “soft material”, outer cup design puts the sensation control in your hands…literally! Your grip controls a wide variety of tightening, rubbing, and stroking, kneading and pressing sensations while adding additional suction when covering the top hole.
Squeeze Play comes in a larger, 8.0 size for a wider variety of sensations, pressure and “squeeze play” for home use. While our slightly smaller, 6.0 sized design easily and discreetly fits into most shaving kits or briefcases.

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