TLC Cyberskin Virtual Sex Stroker Computer Controlled Game

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TLC Virtual Sex Stroker
The Virtual Sex Stroker is an entrance to virtual sex with beautiful three dimensional models
The Nurse Nicci Game comes free and allows users to have realistic sex with the beautiful, hot and horny Nurse Nicci
Users can thrust into the USB powered CyberSkin pussy and the virtual replica or sex toy will match them thrust for thrust
Phthalate free and made in the USA
USB cable included
Virtual sex is becoming more and more popular with many people. It’s sex without strings so you can relax and enjoy yourself without worrying about long-term commitments that you are not ready for. All you need is a computer with a USB port and a CD drive.
Things You Will Need:
Virtual Sex Stroker
Computer with Windows 98 or higher
Computer with a USB port and CD drive
Step 1:
Follow the instructions that come with your virtual sex stroker to install the software.
Step 2:
Plug the wire on the virtual sex stroker into a USB port on your computer.
Step 3:
Load up the CD that comes with your stroker and select a program-you can choose from 24 different positions for the animated characters to assume.
Step 4:
Insert your penis into the virtual sex stroker.
Step 5:
Start the program you selected.
Step 6:
Move the stroker up and down on your penis to heighten the pleasure of the experience and control the on-screen action.

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