Zero Tolerance Fuck Forever Prolonger Spray 2oz

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Manufacturer – Evolved
Item Number – ZE-LU-3412-2

Zero Tolerance Fuck Forever Prolonger Spray

Fuck forever from Zero Tolerance Toys is the perfect prolonger spray for anyone looking to last longer in the bedroom. Now you don’t have to worry about finishing before your partner as long as you are using fuck forever.


It is formulated in a spray rather than a cream because with a cream you need to rub which is counter-productive while also wasting precious minutes that could be spent having naughty time. Simply spray 2-3 squirts onto the penis. It starts working in about a minute but you should wait about 5 minutes for it to fully absorb into the skin and avoid transferring it to your partner but it is condom safe if you are wearing one.  Then you are ready to start the action. Turn what normally may be a few minutes into a full night of love making. 2.0 OZ

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