Zeus Electrosex Taser Tag Electro Play Cuffs

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Manufacturer – Zeus Electrosex
Item Number – ZE-AD734

Taser Tag Electro Play Cuffs

Three ways to electro play are at your fingertips with the Deluxe Edition Taser Tag Cuff Set. An electro stimulation egg offers two modes an IN setting to be used to send electronic pulses to any part of the body you desire or  an OUT setting to bring the cuffs into play. Just connect the cuffs and egg  via the included cord, place one cuff around your wrist then havw your partner place the other cuff on their wrist. Now every touch you make to your partners body will emit an electro pulse that you both will feel. You can even add a third or fourth partner into your touch circle and have all playersfeel the pulse and whatever point of contact they make with one another. The cuffs come with adjustable Velcro closures that fit most size wrists. The egg controller provides power both to itself or to the cuffs allowing you to  easily dial in your level of electro pulse power from slow to fast for theperfect dose of electro play.

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