Universal Sex Swing Stand

They say the act of having sex is one of the best ways to make sure your body gets plenty of exercise and this is true, but there are clever and unique ways to turn sex into a legitimate full body work out. For example, with the Universal Sex Swing Stand you can not only create new ways to have sex, but new ways to burn calories. Sex swings are some of the most interesting sex toys on the market today. In a way, they combine the nostalgia of the swings you loved in your childhood with one of the best things about being an adult; getting to have sex.

The Universal Sex Swing Stand is a large stand that you can set up anywhere there is a sufficient amount of space. This freestanding sex swing is made out of quality steel and supports up to 400 lbs combined; safe to be used by most people. The legs of the stand are set apart wide so they provide the stand with stability with providing the user with freedom of movement. Two built in steel loops at the top of the swing are so called bondage ready. The Universal Sex Swing Stand comes with everything you need to assemble it and luckily, assembly is easy with it coming together and apart within 10 minutes; the only other tool you need to assemble it is provided for you.

When the Universal Sex Swing Stand is not in use, the components are compact enough for transportability or easy storage. When you get the Universal Sex Swing Stand, you get both the stand and the swing. The Universal Sex Swing Stand is a great way to get more exercise and is a fun way to spice up you and your partner’s sex life. Sometimes it’s easy to fall into trap of having sex in only familiar ways and the Universal Sex Swing Stand is a way to break out of the ordinary and become extraordinary.

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