Sex Toy Bag Of Goodies

Some of the most playful sex toys you will find will be those that fall under the category of fetish and bondage.

Why do you think people love to dress up on Halloween? It’s fun to pretend, and that’s part of the reason role play is so popular. One of the most popular fetish and bondage gags is your naughty nurse cliché. Kid’s are not the only ones who ‘Play Doctor.’ You and your partner can take this fun role play to the next level with the Naughty Nurse Bag with Goodies.

The Naughty Nurse Bag with Goodies contains everything you need in order to play the role of the kinky nurse in the bedroom. It’s one of the most popular fetish and bondage roles, and something every couple can enjoy comfortably. However, in order to play the role, you have got to have the goods. Here are the goodies you will find in the bag; glow-in-the-dark love dice, toy cleaner, speculum and stethoscope, nurse hat, fishnets, on-the-go lube, silicone cock ring, 3 piece finger cot, mini massager, penis extension, enhancing creams, inserts lubes.

This fun combination of items comes in a white and red nurse bag. Because you can’t really play the naughty nurse by yourself, this fetish and bondage item is best to be used with your partner. It’s a fun way to spice up any relationship, marriage, vacation, or any night in the bedroom.

There’s a lot that comes in the Naughty Nurse Bag with Goodies, so to make the most use of your goodies it is suggested that you don’t necessarily use all of at once. At the very least, you should suit up in the nurse hat and fishnets, and then use the stethoscope, lube, and mini massager. Those are the very basics. The next time you bring out the bag try to switch it up a bit and use some different items, but never all at once; that might just be too much.

It doesn’t need to be Halloween to play dress up. Role playing is a fun activity for you and your partner any day of the year. It’s probably one of the least hassle, most creative, combinations of fetish and bondage. However, in order to role play successfully, you should probably the following tips. First of all, despite the fact that this is a game you are playing, attempt to take it slightly seriously. Bust out those acting skills because the more in character you are the most fun it will be. Second, don’t script it; just act naturally. Finally, definitely loosen up and have fun with him. If you are nervous then you’re partner will likely be nervous as well.

Role playing, and acting in general, requires the use of props to be effective and to maximize the believability of what you are doing. The Naughty Nurse Bag with Goodies is perfect for anyone looking to take on the role of a naughty nurse.

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