Taylor Wane Vibrating Pussy and Ass

Sex toys for women are much more mainstream than sex toys for men. If you asked a room full of people to name a sex toy they would either say a dildo or vibrator. Most of them probably wouldn’t know a lot about sex toys for men. However, they do exist, and some of them are quite ingenious. A good example of sex toys for men is the Taylor Wane Vibrating Pussy and Ass. From Taylor Wane’s popular line of sex toys for all, this particular product is one that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

What is it?

The idea is simple; to recreate a woman’s structure in a lifelike manner so that a man can please himself with something other than his hand. That’s exactly what the Taylor Wane Vibrating Pussy and Ass does; it’s a sex toy for men. Women have their vibrators so why shouldn’t men be afforded the same luxury? This sex toy for men is a realistic replica of a woman and is the closest you will get to the real thing. It might be even better for one simple reason; it doesn’t talk. Just kidding.

The Brand

Taylor Wane is a legendary pornographic actress and director that came from England to the states. She is not only a Penthouse pet but has also done directing, modeling, and appearing in popular television shows. Backed by her name in the business, her line of sex toys includes one of the best sex toys for men out there; the Taylor Wane Vibrating Pussy and Ass.


The Taylor Wane Vibrating Pussy and Ass is a simple, pleasant, design of a woman’s vagina and butt. It’s made of soft, flesh colored, rubber and is hand colored. This sex toy for men goes a step further than its predecessors with the built in vibrating features. Not only do you get a replica female torso but you also get the added bonus of the vibrations. The toy can be used alone, or with another partner as you can fill both orifices. To intensify sensations, it should be used with some kind of lubricant. It also comes with a remote controller so you can manually control the various speeds.

Sex toys for men have long been overshadowed by sex toys for women. Other common sex toys for men include blow up dolls and anal toys, although the latter can be for either of the sexes. The Taylor Wane Vibrating Pussy and Ass is a premiere example of an overlooked niche in the adult industry. Not only that, but it is also a good quality product that every man should try.

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