Sex Toys Guide – Anal Sex Toys

Anal Sex can be very pleasurable for both men and women. For some people simply the feeling of having something inside your anus filling the space and pressing against the anal walls is a great sensation. For others the feeling of thrusting action anally is a great pleasure, and still others enjoy the sensation of gliding things in and out of the opening of the anus can be very erotic. P-Spot stimulation or “Prostate Stimulation” is like the G-Spot for a man and some women can also stimulate their G-Spot anally.

There is a big taboo with men and anal sex. They are worried that if they enjoy anal sex that means they are gay. On the contrary, there are more and more men enjoying anal play with their female partners whether it be with a finger tickling the area or gently penetrating their anus all the way to their female partner penetrating them with a small dong attached to a harness. Hetero Sexual partners are also experimenting with P-Spot stimulation and the toys that help achieve the incredible orgasm that goes along with it. It is both healthy and safe for both men and women to explore anal play. It promotes good communication, intimacy and trust between both partners of any type of relationship just like all aspects of safe sex play does.

If this is something you are beginning to experiment with it is best to start with something small, go very slowly and use plenty of thick water based lube. Pay close attention to your partner so you don’t hurt them.

Butt Plugs are designed for insertion to wear in place during sex or some people enjoy wearing them all day. They come in all different shapes and sizes ranging from the size of a pinky finger all the up to the size of a fist and sometimes even bigger. The shape is generally are tapered at the tip and get wider as towards the end with a neck and then a base. When the sphincter muscles tighten after the plug has been inserted the base is necessary to prevent the entire thing from getting pulled up inside a person. The materials they are made of vary. Some choices are jelly, rubber, silicone, glass and metal. The glass and metal have the added sensation of weight and temperature sensation.

Anal Beads are a set of beads that increase in size from one end to the other. They are held together by a cord or a plastic or silicone stem that connects them. The purpose is to insert them slowly into your anus and then slowly pull them out. For many people the sensation of these beads sliding past the opening of the anus is very stimulating and erotic. It can be part of foreplay or even part of sex with your partner or enjoyed on your own with self-stimulation.

Anal dildos are a great way to enjoy anal sex. Many people enjoy the feeling of thrusting in the anus. You can strap a dildo to a harness and use it for double penetration with a female partner, inserting the dildo into her anus and your penis into her vagina from behind, or as a woman some enjoy anal play with their male partners. Smooth dongs work best as ribs or veins are generally not a good feeling in that area. Again, dildo’s come in an assortment of materials including jelly, rubber, silicone, glass and metal. Make sure you choose a dildo with a base to fit into your harness. If you are not working with a harness it is best to have a base on the dildo for anal play to stop the toy from getting sucked up into your anus.

Anal Vibrators can feel very good. The area around the anus has many nerve endings so touching that area with a vibrator can increase arousal on it’s own or when used in conjunction with a butt plug, dildo, anal beads, and even with oral sex. If you are using a vibrator for insertion, please make sure there is a base on it so it doesn’t get stuck inside of you. Other than that, enjoy!

Prostate Stimulators are shaped with a curve designed to reach the prostate when inserted about 2 inches and pressed back against the anal wall. Luckily the prostate is located in a similar place on the male body as a woman’s g-spot, therefore a g-spot toy can also work for prostate stimulation. There are many sizes of prostate stimulators, some vibrate and many do not. Prostate stimulation is very healthy for men and can be a surprisingly wonderful sensation. You will want to start small and do some experimenting to find your p-spot. Once you’ve got the hang of it you may choose to try it with a partner and include more regularly.

Just like any other toy keeping anal toys clean is very important. You should get in the habit of using a toy cleaner or soap and water before and after use of your toys.

Safety is key and pain is your body telling you something so go slowly and be careful, use plenty anal lube or thick water based lube and pay close attention to your partner and you will enjoy anal sex more than you ever imagined.

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