Sex Toys Guide – Masturbators

There is a very wide range of masturbators made to simulate the sensation of sexual intercourse for a man whether he is interested in vaginal or anal sex, or even to simulate oral sex. They come in many different shapes, sizes and textures. Some look like a vagina opening, or an anus opening and there are even ones that look like someone’s mouth. They come in assorted colors and flesh tones to match whatever you’re personal interest is. A lot of them look so small you may think to yourself “that’s way to small to fit my penis into!” Rest assured, the material is very stretchy. They make them small on purpose because with use the material will generally stretch out. Most men prefer a tighter feeling of pressure while masturbating anyway.

Masturbators can be divided into 3 major subgroups. The first group is your basic hand held masturbators for men. These sex toys are small, perfect for travel and are designed to be held in hand when used. These masturbators are also inexpensive and easy to clean or can be thrown away after use. Just like the bigger masturbators these sex toys come in variety of shapes and colors and offer different function like vibration. The perfect example of this type of masturbator are sex toys from Tenga. These small inexpensive masturbators can be thrown away after use. A more elaborate and probably one of the best hand held masturbators are made by Fleshlight. Simple in design and discreet in its appearance a Fleshlight masturbator offers a great sex toy which can last its user a long time and offer a great sexual satisfaction. If you want to try a masturbator without having to spend a bunch of money take a look at sex toys we offer in Masturbators Under $20 section of our website.

The next group of masturbators is the Realistic Sex Toys for Men. These masturbators are much larger, designed to be in scale with a real human being. Usually these sex toys are made from molds of a girls body and offer either a doggy style ass or a missionary position pussy or a nice pair of boobs. These sex toys are made using realistic materials like, CyberskinFanta-FleshUR3 and other made to resemble human flesh to the touch and in its appearance. Learn more about these sex toys in our Guide To Realistic Masturbators.

The final group of masturbators are the Mega Masturbators. These sex toys are really large and offer an ultimate sexual experience which can be compared to a live partner. A great example of a mega masturbator would be Fuck Me Silly 2 Tits and Pussy or Fuck Me Silly Mega Pussy and Ass. These are true life size sex toys for men which look and feel just like a real women. Learn more about these incredible sex toys in our Guide to Mega Masturbators.

There are large masturbators that simulate a human body and many that have actually been molded directly from your favorite Porno Actress or Actor. They vary from very small hand held “pocket pal’s” to the very large life size pieces that look and feel so real you can’t believe it. Many also come with textures inside like ribbed tunnels or beads in the tunnel for added stimulation. Some will also come with a vibrating bullet to insert to ad different levels and variations of vibration for even more stimulation. Be sure to use a water based lube to create moisture and ad to the realistic feel. It is not advised to use any other type of lube than water-based lube with these toys. Masturbators are fast becoming a great toy for couples to share in the bedroom during foreplay.
Some men love to watch their woman stroke their penis for them and the sensation of the masturbator feels amazing to them. A great way to get warmed up before actual intercourse or in some cases to aid in oral sex, a woman will stroke her man until he’s almost ready to cum and then finish him off orally. Just like all other toys, there are no limitations and no rules. It’s very personal so let your mind’s fantasies run wild and set your inhibitions free whether alone or with a partner. It’s very healthy to become aware of what takes you over the moon and even helps you to communicate to your partner once you have a better idea.

Materials & maintenance These masturbators are made form Jelly material, Elastomer material and Softskin style material. The Jelly and Elastomer will generally cost less and not last as long. These two materials are very porous so it is very important to wash them very good with a anti-bacterial toy cleaner or warm water and soap both before and after use.
The Softskin material comes in many different names such as “Cyberskin” or “UR3”. These materials are silky soft yet firm. They feel very close to the real thing. The most popular selling masturbators are sold in this material. This material warms up to your body temperature very quickly and is amazingly realistic feeling. You will find most of the molded pieces from Porn Actresses made in this material. This is also a very porous material so you will want to make sure you take good care of it to make it last. To care for a masturbator made from this material you will need to make sure you rinse if off with warm water and an anti-bacterial toy cleaner or a mild soap. Keep it out to dry completely. Some of them will feel tacky or sticky after you’ve rinsed them off. Wait for them to dry and ad some of the renewal powder they come with. If you do not have that a very light dusting of cornstarch will do the trick.

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