Sex Toys Guide – Mega Masturbators

The term Mega Masturbator first appeared with release of Fuck Me Silly line of sex toy by Pipedream Products. The first mega masturbator released was the Fuck Me Silly Mega Pussy and Ass. These sex toys for men offered something no other sex toy offered before, a true to life size replica of a human body. Today there are more then 10 sex toys in the Fuck Me Silly line that qualify for the term of Mega Masturbator.

Starting with the Fuck Me Silly Pussy and Ass which is also available in black as Fuck My Big Black Ass Mega Masturbator. This realistic doggy style pussy and ass is a full size butt with anal and vaginal openings. At over 20 pounds this sex toy is big and heavy, it looks and feels just like a real human butt.

Nest sex toy is the Fuck Me Silly Tits and Pussy, also available in black as Fuck Me Silly Sista Mega Masturbator. This sex toy offer a realistic torso of a petite woman with large boobs, sexy stomach and a tight pussy.

Fuck Me Silly Legs and Ass is a sex toy made for a true foot lover. This toy is huge, offering a full size ass with perfectly shaped legs. Just as with the other Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbators this sex toy is true to life in its size.

For lovers of big tits there is the Fuck My Big Fat Tits Mega Masturbator. This sex toy gives you a chance to play with giant 36DD pair of tits. The tits are firm on the inside with a silky soft texture on the outside. The breasts stand up firmly and warm to your touch. The nipples are always erect to add more realistic detail. This piece weighs about 12 pounds, carefully molded for the most life-size and realistic looking torso masturbator you’ve ever seen.

Fuck Me Silly Dude Mega Masturbator is a very unique sex toy. This mega masturbator can be used by both men, women and even couples. the full size torso of a men with a big dick and tight anal opening makes this sex toy stand out from the rest of the Fuck Me Silly line of sex toys.

Fuck Me Silly Mia Isabella is a dream sex toy who is a fan of this tranny. Life size torso with big tits and a giant cock. This mega masturbator is the most realistic transsexual replica you will ever fuck.

Fuck My Face Mega masturbator is available in 2 versions Fuck My Face Blond and Fuck My Face Brunette. Every detail is captured in this replica head, from eyes that blink and roll back into her head, to her extra long windpipe wrapping around every inch of your cock.
The powerful suction cup base holds this sex toy in place and sticks to nearly any flat surface. With each movement, the head bobs back and forth in such a realistic motion, you’ll swear its the real thing.

Fuck My Tight Ass Mega Masturbator is a life size replica of a men’s ass. This life-size male masturbator is molded directly off of a young tight man with all the detail you desire in a realistic ass and balls. The Fanta Flesh material feels so realistic, firm yet soft and it warms to your body temperature while you use it.

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Slut Mega Masturbator is the king of all Mega Masturbators. Life size replica of a women’s body from neck to legs with full size ass, tits and tight pussy and ass. This mega masturbator is the most realistic sex toy that was ever created. From sexy shoulders to her wide round hips, flat stomach, and perfectly puffy pussy, this sex toy is the perfect woman.

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