If you are a beginner with adult toys or just want to add some fun to your routine, vibrators are the most common and popular toy there is. They work in different ways, either inserted gently into vagina or put next to any part of your body that feels pleasant when pulsating or vibrating. Put on a clitoris, vibrators allow women to climax not only many times quicker than regular stimulation but also allow for multiple orgasms from penetration after using this awesome sex toy. Vibrators provide gentle or sometimes vigorous and pulsing stimulation that causes blood to rush to the vagina and g-spot giving women more pleasure and amazing climaxing. Men also love using vibrators due to increased blood flow to the penis that makes erections firmer and stronger. Vibrators can provide assistance with erectile dysfunction, because they allow for stimulation on a level much more intense than manual stimulation. Vibrators are also helpful in a situation where a person’s libido is low. This is due to these toys increasing blood flow and pleasurable feelings in sensitive body parts such as sex organs. This increased feelings and blood flow message the brain to help alleviate lack of sex drive issues. It is incredible how many different types and capabilities these types of sex toys have! Due to vibrators being more acceptable today, they are widely available online in privacy of your home and are a go to sex toy for most couples or solo explorers. The wide variety and availability of vibrators can be a little overpowering. Please use information described below to assist you in making the right choice of vibrator for your specific needs. It is crucial to ensure that the toy you are about to purchase is toxin, and specifically, phthalate free. At BedroomJoys.com we ensure that our customers are safe by only selling toxin free toys including vibrators. Unfortunately this is not true for many other retailers. Often even lead can be found in some vibrators. BedroomJoys.com loves its customers and wants to ensure we are only here to provide assistance in your pleasure and well being. Ever since we started our website we dedicate ourselves to ensure that our customers are happy and healthy while using sex toys we sell. We offer a huge amount of information about sex toys on our website and recommend reading our Guide To Sex Toys to learn more about products we sell and to help you make the right decision when purchasing a new sex toy. For something a little more fun you can read about History of Vibrators.

When buying a vibrator you have to think this through – would you prefer something that works on batteries, is rechargeable or plugs into the wall outlet? There are pluses and minuses to each choice. A vibrator that works on batteries affords the user to operate without cords and gives you a larger variety of sex toys to choose from as most vibes run on AA or AAA batteries. Battery operated sex toys can be costly if you choose not to use rechargeable batteries and will spend money on new batteries often to keep replacing them. These batteries might be bad for recycling purposes if you use non-recyclable batteries and this is bad for the environment. BedroomJoys.com recommends using rechargeable batteries to ensure cost savings if you get a battery operated sex toy. The greatest common error that consumers make when using a sex toy is putting the batteries in wrong. Before you contact your sex toy provider to let them know that it does not work, make sure to check to see if you have the batteries in correctly. Often batteries go in an opposite direction and the cap or lid must be properly closed for the vibe to work properly and insure water resistance. The other tip to remember is to take out the batteries when the vibrator is not being used because these batteries can leak inside of old age and break the mechanical components inside your vibrator. Also hold oils, water and lubricants away from your vibrator and keep batteries dry. Rechargeable sex toys do not need batteries and are better for the environment and less costly to maintain, but they are a bit more expensive and depending on the quality of sex toy they may not hold the charge long enough. These toys may also need long charging periods and may not work unless fully charged, so it is important to plan on having it charged before you use it again. Some rechargeable batteries may not allow you to use the toy while it is charging, to ensure your safety. Electric sex toys are some of the most powerful vibrators and offer a deep vibration and or fast pulsation that other sex toys cannot compare to. Users do not have to worry about replacing batteries, the effect of batteries on the environment or planning to make sure their toy is charged and ready for use. These toys can limit how far you move around so it would make sense to use an extension cord. Please note that the cord might get tangled or get in the way during wild sexual escapades. These also should never be exposed to wetness as they may create the risk of electrical shock. We recommend wiping these toys with a moist wash cloth when it is unplugged that has been sprayed with sex toy cleaner.

The question of best vibration level is a completely subjective one, but we will provide factors in choosing a vibrator that many often do not consider. We suggest you explore these points before your purchase a vibrator so that you will better be able to select the perfect sex toy for you or your lover. There are differences to vibrators that go beyond just how powerful a motor is capable of operating. Just because a toy has a higher or lower level of power should not mean that it stops there when it comes to one’s preference.

Amount of power affects the tone and noise level of any vibrating sex toy. The reason why this would be a factor is because often manufacturers will do everything they can to make a vibrator quiet because that is how most customers like it. But in doing so the makers must often add sound barriers that keep the vibrator from having the internal mechanisms vibrate noisily. This insulation will affect the level of sensation that user of the toy will feel on the surface of the vibrator and may reduce the power. However some of the most powerful vibrators are pretty much silent, and you can’t tell they are on, so it really is in how a vibrator is designed that will affect it’s noise and power. Vibrators can have many different levels of power and this depends on the size of the toy and the level of power that it needs. This is then affected by the material that is around the motor as well as its relative location. A strong motor in a silicone vibrator would get muffled because the silicone does not conduct vibration as nicely as plastic. Therefore, paying attention to not only the power of a motor but materials used in making the sex toy is extremely important. It is crucial to also note that if a vibrator’s power motor is in the base, you may not feel it in the tip of the product virtually as much. However, if it is leading through something like Elastomer and vinyl this may not be as much of an issue versus silicone or rubber. Many of the newer sex toys on the market today are pretty quiet compared to the older versions. However, most great adult toy stores online will provide you with a noise level that will help you to predetermine what you will be hearing as you stimulate you or your lover. Those who have kids or roomies are often concerned about this so make sure to check the noise rating or ask before you purchase the product if this is important to you. One way to conceal the vibrator noise is to use music or keep them under the covers when using them. Furthermore, keeping the batteries from moving around inside is also good. Newer and more expensive, upscale vibrators typically have already addressed this and is why they tend to be quiet. Less expensive and not as well made dildos often put a piece of thick paper or cardboard inside the vibrator that went around the battery to keep it from moving against the sides and causing a lot of noise. Taking into account all these important factors is crucial in choosing your next vibrator.

All women are not created equal. It is true that some women have a smaller amount of nerve endings in their clit than others, but this factor is not the only issue you must consider when choosing a vibrator based on physical factors. How reachable the clitoris is, size and hood cover may also impact how well the clitoris is stimulated. Lastly, some females prefer different sides of their clitoris stimulated, while others like direct contact with or without the hood covering it right in the middle of the clit. It truly comes down to individual preference and comes from time spent testing it out.

We encourage women to take time to learn and discover their bodies through masturbation using their fingers to figure out what level of stimulation is preferred as this will help determine what type of vibrator will work best. Vibrators are one of the sex toys that females absolutely adore and for a great reason. These toys are very effective at stimulating the clitoris, nipples and g-spot. They intensify blood flow to those pleasure areas, which not only increases arousal but also circulation and libido. Using a vibrator is actually a healthy way to treat yourself. Using them on your back has long shown health benefits and the rest of the body is no exclusion. The next step is to figure out which vibrator is the right one for your needs. Do you want it to give out a low, medium or strong vibration? Do you want it to be hand-held or not? Would you prefer it to have a remote control? With so many vibrators on the market currently, it is very difficult to know which one is the right one for your needs. We at BedroomJoys.cm of course would be thrilled to assist you if you want to email or call us, but you should also take some time to read this article to first give you some good starting ideas. There may be things that you have never even thought of when it comes to your sexual health and pleasure.

Due to a huge amount of different vibrators available to you the you operate a vibrator varies from one to another. Basic On and Off control is the most usual and easy type of control on a vibrator is a simple on and off button or switch. These tend to be more easily found in cheaper vibrators where the features are restricted. When choosing a vibrator, it will be imperative to decide what vibration level of intensity this type offers as it will be the only vibration that you can receive from it. Those users who are very sensitive to vibration would probably want to avoid a one speed toy unless they know that it is the speed that they want all the time. Vibes with numerous speed controls are becoming more and more common. An individual using them can start off on a low setting and increase to higher, more intense settings the more they become aroused. There are vibrators on the market currently that have well over fifteen speeds so the variations of them can be quite great. Numerous function control can offer all kinds of different sensations from vibration levels of intensity to different pulsing and rotating features. There are even vibrators that work to the beat of music when a stereo or MP3 / MP4 player is connected up to it. The options of sex toys when it comes to stimulation have become vast. Manually controlled vibrators are very versatile and provide a great deal of control. These vibrators come in a variety of shapes and with different vibration features. These toys can be discreet as well as silent. The measurements can range from a bullet which is about a half an inch to a wand which can be up to twenty inches long. Remote controlled sex toys and vibes would add a lot of spice to your sexual relationship and are ideal for use in public environment. The most important thing to think of when making your choice to buy one is how loud it is. If you are trying to be discreet in a public place, you will want to know if the toy is quiet information first and foremost. The other options to think of is vibration strength and placements. There are some remote controlled vibrators that stimulate clit, g-spot and also prostate/anal stimulation. Also, males have remote controlled masturbation sleeves that could be controlled through their computer! The variety of options is really exciting when exploring these types of vibrators. Wand vibrators are some of the most powerful vibrators currently offered. However, that is mostly true for those wand vibrators that plug into the electrical outlet. There are some that are battery operated and rechargeable that are pretty strong and of good quality but it will be important for you to look at the reviews and ratings in order to determine this as some are surprisingly weak in vibration despite their larger size. One of the additional pluses to these wands are that they can be used with attachments that change up both the head and allow for g-spot stimulation. The most popular of these is the Hitachi Magic Wand with attachments because it is very powerful and applicable to not only providing orgasms but even help reach rare but very pleasurable female ejaculation. The Hitachi is a vibrator with a loud noise though, so that is one factor to consider when choosing a wand is checking the noise level ratings.

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