Guide to Sex Toys

There are many different types of sex toys and each may have several different uses or one specific use. There are toys for beginners, intermediate users as well as advanced users. Toys to be used specifically with a partner and toys for personal use which can usually also be used with a partner. There are toys for men and toys for women and toys for couples, and… toys for same sex couples.

Sex is an art and to be good and understand what you are doing you need experience. In order to please your partner you must firs know how to please yourself, this way you can understand how a human body responds to pleasure. Sex toys can help you unlock your full sexual potential. there is a right and wrong way to use a sex toy and choosing the right toy can make all the difference. Being touches in the right way and in the right place can bring a woman to an orgasm, the size of the toy or the power of its vibration has very little to do with achieving this. Most women first focus the sex toy on their clitoris and other erogenous zones, penetrating only as climax nears. Vibrators and dildos are not just for penetration, you can use these toys to stroke her labia and clitoris during foreplay. Paying attention the these pleasure points while escalating pressure and intensity will push a women closer and closer to climax, so once you insert the toy the thrusts will induce an orgasm. Some vibrators like the g-spot target the sensitive upper vaginal wall. The g-spot orgasm comes from pressure applied to this area and not the size of the sex toy used. To best reach the g-spot women should be on her back with her knees resting on her chest. Rabbit vibrator is designed to rub both sides of a women’s clitoris while the shaft penetrates. This multitasking sex toy stimulates both the clitoris and the inner vagina allowing the woman to be flushed with sensation in two areas and triggering an orgasm. The change of speed in a vibrator is a big plus as well. The multispeed vibrator lets her focus on her most erogenous spot, the clitoris, as she slowly increases the intensity. A little change in speed is good but too much can capsize an orgasm. Always start slow, with gentle, broad strokes of your finger or tongue. Build toward a climax, instead of rapidly changing techniques and intensity.

A sex toy is a device that is used to deliver sexual pleasure. Some sex toys are designed to resemble human genitals, like penis shaped dildo or a realistic vagina masturbator, and may be vibrating. The term sex toy can also include bondage and fetish items as well as sex furniture such as slings, sex swings and stands. Even though condom, lingerie, wigs or a funny novelty toy are not considered sex toys these items are an undivided part of sexual experience and are offered on this website. Some sex toys are considered marital aid, although the term has a broader sense. But cock rings, penis extensions and such are supposed to enhance or prolong sexual experience with your partner.

Whether you want to learn about how your body functions and responds to different sex toys in order to achieve the greatest pleasure or you want to discover how to give greatest satisfaction to your partner or just learn more about sex toys is the best facilitator for you. As a beginner your curiosity may be peaked but once you see all of the sex toys we have to offer you may become apprehensive. We would like you to feel confident that with help provided on this and following pages you can make an educated decision and purchase regardless of your experience level, which is why we are providing this extensive guide.

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