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Meet the Sqweel. Wow wow wow! Your new best friend, we promise…

Sqweel Sex Toy Animation

Sqweel Oral Sex is a revolution in clitoral orgasms! Allow me to explain – usually when women use vibrators, they are shaped and designed for vaginal pleasure. They are a bit rough and the movement is just usually vibration of some sort, buzzing. Sure, there are different materials, like real skin plastic, like glass, even wood, and you get a choice to feel them and know what feels better. However it’s the same old move all over again, in and out, in and out, vibrate, buzz. If you noticed, orgasms from these vibrators are quick and even sometimes painful, yes, painful due to the material not being able to give you gentleness of real penis. Of course, most of us girls use them to have a clitoral orgasm as well. That one hurts sometimes, oh boy it does!

Now let me continue with some fun statistics. Did you know that close to thirty five percent of us girls do not ever experience vaginal orgasm? That a lot of us have clitoral orgasm only? And lucky other sixty five percent of us would probably prefer to have clitoral orgasm, given that it’s usually stronger, longer and just way more fun all around? Some of us (OK, I suspect, MANY of us) girls do think that the real thing, the tongue attached to your man, is way gentler and more pleasurable for clitoral stimulation.

Of course while nothing compares to the real thing … well, how about multiple tongues, ladies? This new amazing toy, the Sqweel, is basically a wheel (that makes you squeal with pleasure, thus the name I assume) with ten cute little soft pink tongues attached. A little motor makes them turn (different speeds based on your preference), and if you put those tongues on your clit, well, you get the idea – you squeal from pleasure so close to the real thing, it’s hard to believe. Also, you can experiment with it and see how your man feels with it licking his privates all over! All of this is incased in black sleek case with a cap, so that this treasure can be kept discreetly. Also, you can take it apart completely and easily wash the little wheel with tongues. I own many toys, this one by far wins number one spot in my collection! I plan on giving it as a gift to my girlfriends. It’s just so good! All I can say is that I can’t wait to get home tonight. So there you go. It’s worth every penny. You are very welcome!

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Squeal about the Sqweel!
Once in a while something so completely crazy comes along that you just have to have to talk about it. The industry of adult novelties is so outrageous that for design to be shocking takes a great amount of effort. That being said, a new luxury sex toy has come along and managed to do just that.
LoveHoney recently released a product, Sqweel, that is truly like nothing this market has ever seen; it is one of a kind, and there are no other products that are even similar to it.
I’m sure by now you’re wondering what the hell we are talking about. The Sqweel is a sex toy that is designed to replicate the act of oral sex on a woman. There are dildos and vibrators for internal stimulation, but until now there hasn’t been anything on the market that could possibly imitate the sensations a woman would feel during cunnilingus. The Sqweel has ten soft tongues and three different speeds. It’s been recommended to use the aid of a lubricant with the Sqweel, but it’s not by any means necessary.
The Sqweel is to be used definitely in the bedroom during your private time, with or without your partner there. Because it is fairly new, it is not the quietest luxury sex toy on the market, so you want to make sure that you are definitely alone.
The Sqweel is primarily used on the external pleasure points of a woman, but in reality it works just fine on whatever you point it at. Some men have reported that the sensations they feel against their penis are also pleasurable. This luxury sex toy can also be used to stimulate other erogenous areas, like the neck.
Some men don’t like to perform oral sex on a woman, or they don’t know how, or just aren’t good at it. For a woman who really likes those sensations, to be with a man who can’t provide them, the Sqweel is a good alternative. Perhaps you can even incorporate your partner into the act, and they will want to provide that pleasure for you once they see how much you like it. The Sqweel is also a great luxury sex toy for any single girl that isn’t looking to have a man in her life at the moment.

The Sqweel, from BedroomJoys.com, is a revolution in sex toys for women. Prior to it, there’s not been a single product that has looked like it, or performed the same functions. It will continue to be a standalone product for a long time; the kind of innovation that no one has a chance of replicating.

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