Stripper Poles

Pole dancing class has become a very popular form of exercise. A natural bi-product of this activity is that the women taking these classes get very in touch with their sexuality and sensuality. They let go of their inhibitions and find their inner diva vixen. They want to share that with their man and their friends. A personal dance pole is a fun way for her to keep in practice and share the fun. These poles are not permanent, they can be put up and removed easily. They are made very strong and can be used for many of the tricks they learned in their class. Or they can simply have one at home to experiment with and to share some sexy fun with their partner.
There are many varieties available, spinning, light up, some have stages. Find the one that works for you and jump on board with this healthy way to express yourself. Or get one for you partner and let her know you’d love her to show you a few tricks!

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