Study of Sex

Sex, like any other skill or activity, is a discipline that requires education and knowledge for one to be successful at it. True, there is a certain degree that comes naturally, the part that tells you to just follow your instincts and everything will work out. What many people don’t realize is that those instincts are very basic and only work so far as to achieve pregnancy as the result of sex, in order to pass on one’s genetics, and not pleasure. That is why sexual positioning is sometimes overlooked and not focused on enough during sex.

Unless you’re married and are ready to start a family, most people are having sex for pleasure. In order to do so successfully, and let’s say that ‘success’ is defined as both parties experiencing the height of pleasure, then couples need to focus on sexual positioning that is beneficial to both the man and woman.

If sexual positioning were to be taught as a class, then without a doubt the
textbook for it would be the Modern Kama Sutra. The Modern Kama Sutra covers everything from the art of kissing, oral pleasures, and how to engage in mutually beneficial lovemaking. Each of these important concepts requires a variety of skill and technique; yes, technique. The only way to refine your technique is to first learn about it, and then put it into action.

The Modern Kama Sutra is a very basic, necessary, tool for learning the arts of sexual positioning. Say your relationship has reached an unfortunate slump, in the bedroom or otherwise. Perhaps your partner is not feeling satisfied, or you just want to learn some new moves. By studying the Modern Kama Sutra, you can solve many of these problems. Stimulating your sexual life in the bedroom can help forge a stronger connection with your partner and lead to the solving of other problems in your relationship.

Men often forget that their partner’s bodies don’t work the same way as theirs; what is pleasing to them is not always pleasing for the women in their lives. The Modern Kama Sutra teaches the art of foreplay, and the importance of focusing on your partner’s pleasures first. Perhaps this sounds like a novel concept, but let’s face it, when it comes to sexual positioning men aren’t exactly creative.

For women, it can also be beneficial to study the Modern Kama Sutra. You can never put it entirely up to your partner; you have to know your body well enough to guide them on how to please it. The Modern Kama Sutra is not porn, there should be no taboo with regards to reading it; it is an instructional guide to reawakening your sexual life.

Sexual positioning is quickly becoming a forgotten art form; by engaging in the study of the Modern Kama Sutra you benefit not just your own sexual growth, but also that sexual pleasure and growth of your partner.

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