The Kim Assturbator – ICB3096-2

Pretty petite and pleasantly plump the Kim Realistic Assturbator Dual Entry Male Masturbator is your extreme masturbation dream. Complete your fantasy and pull her lace panties aside to see her life-like pink pussy is ready for you to enjoy. Make your way to her tight ass and you will find a separate tight smooth opening to hold six and a half inches of your rock-hard manhood. Both vagina and anal openings have a unique texture that will make you forget you are alone and leave you needing to blow your load every time. Each hole has its own six-and-a-half-inch passageway for you to ram and slam and hammer to your heart’s content. Never leave unsatisfied.
If you are in for a more unique and fun experience, enjoy a vibrating sensation by inserting a vibrator in the special deep pocket crafted to hold most bullet vibes and slim tapered model vibrators. Increase your pleasure and buy a Bullet Vibrator now! Your pleasure and fun has just begun. Vibrating rhythms from inside of her, while you hold her ass cheeks in both your hands, pumping your rock-hard manhood into her pussy or ass will leave you exhausted and happily wasted.
This curvy assed girl is body safe and phthalate free. This is no high maintenance girl either. Maintenance is low on this hygienic TPR. Take care of her by simply washing with warm water and mild soap or you can bathe her with one of our foaming or one of our antibacterial toy cleaners. Everyone likes a tacky girl every now and then. But this fun girl, if she gets too tacky, simply sprinkle liberally with Renew Powder or 100% pure cornstarch to restore her to her original silky smoothness.
Your fantasy of fucking a tight ass has just come true. Treating yourself to the best ass money can buy never got easier than this. This item is boxed and ready to be delivered discreetly to your home. When you unpack this lovely girl and you’ll find two tight, globed ass checks, a pink tight ass hole and lush fleshy pussy just waiting to be used. Kim Realistic Assturbator Dual Entry Male Masturbator is waiting for YOU. You won’t be disappointed. Spending time alone will never be lonely again. With this girl you have so many options to pleasure yourself from both her pussy and her ass.
Kim comes with a removable sexy black lace panty. You can take it off or you can leave it on and push it aside. Either way her pleasure holes are waiting for you. This life like toy will stand up to all your fantasies and bring you many nights of scandalous pleasure. Spank her, fuck her, fill her full. But always know she’s there when you need her. She will never talk back or tell you no.
Height: 7.5” (19.05 cm) Length: 12” (30.48 cm) Width: 13.5” (34.29 cm)

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