Tickler Vibrators

If you are looking for a discreet vibrator that is quiet and waterproof look no further then the Silicone Vibrators from Tickler. These unique sex toys are not just cute but they are some of the best quality vibrators you can get. While each Tickler vibrator has its unique characteristics, like the type of vibration, color and shape, all Tickler vibes are about the same size and feature a velvety smooth finish of body safe silicone. Tickler Vibrators are also very quiet. For fast and intense vibration choose Sunny Tickler, for soft and fluttering get the Mystic Tickler, for deep vibrations and penetrating sensation pick up the Rebel Tickler and for medium vibrations go home with Cute Tickler.

We also offer 4 different vibrators from the Power Toyfriend line of Tickler vibrators. The Power Tickler vibrators are the second generation of Toyfriends. These vibes are bigger, stronger and bolder. They combine great shapes and colors with intimidating amount of power and a choice speeds and pulsation. Power Tickler vibrators, just like the originals, are waterproof and made from super smooth body safe silicone and are very very quiet. Choose from four different models of Power Tickers: Seti, Nosy, Coney or Bubbly.

The Rocket Toyfriends are third generation of vibrators. They
are Curvy, Wavy, Cheeky and last but not least the Starlet. Their sleek shapes and powerful pulsations make them great for both inside and outside use. Add to that vibrant colors and likeable personalities and you have a great addition to your family of intimate friends. And of course, as they are Toyfriends, they are all powerful, waterproof, made from super-smooth body-safe silicone and very, very quiet. So please check the Rockets out to find out whichone is your favorite.

Bossy and Shorty form the fourth line of the Toyfriend range. The Doubles as they are called are a bit more outrageous, a bit more outright and maybe a bit more outspoken than the rest of the gang. Bossy and Shorty add both attitude and function to the Toyfriend range, so they are a great addition to the family business. As they are Toyfriends they are of course waterproof, made from super-smooth body-safe silicone and created with large amounts of love and care.

No matter which Tickler vibrator you decide to take home, these little vibrator with fun shapes are sure to make your day a better one.

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