Icicles No12 Tulip Glass Dong

One downside that adult sex toy retailers are fighting to overcome is the aversion to objects perceived as aesthetically displeasing. If you have to consider beautiful shapes, colors, and so forth one rarely comes up with phallic devices. For this reasons, makers of glass sex toys have to do their best to make unconventionally shaped objects aesthetically pleasing for the viewer if they want to make sales. One way to do this is to alter the phallic shape of a penis into something else; this is precisely what the Icicles No12 Tulip Glass Dong does.

Instead of looking at glass sex toys version of a penis, you see a very lovely tulip. The Icicles No12 Tulip Glass Dong might initially remind you of those glass flowers that novelty furniture stores sell in their vases. They’re usually large, colorful, and fairly expensive as they are made of glass. The Icicles No12 Tulip Glass Dong, however is priced extremely reasonably when compared to other glass sex toys without skimping out on the quality of the device. These hand blown glass sex toys can be heated up or cooled down for optimal temperature without worry about damaging the toy. They may be made of glass but that doesn’t mean that the Icicles No12 Tulip Glass Dong isn’t built to last; on the contrary, this toy is meant to play hard and to last.
Because glass sex toys are made of material like glass, makers have the opportunity to hone the aesthetics of the design of these toys. Glass blowing is a historical type of art, and glass sex toys are only the later type of toy to be made from glass. The Icicles No12 Tulip Glass Dong is one of the prettiest and most durable glass sex toys you will find on the sex toy market today.

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